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About Us...

Our communities in the De Deur Sector 2 policing area have joined forces with each other, the SAPS, Police Reservists and the CPF in order to eradicate crime in our areas.
Members are trained to assist the police in crime prevention and aim to do so within the boundaries of the law.

Our purpose is to get the community involved and to assist the SAPS to eradicate crime in our areas.

To assist our local police with intelligence gathering relating to crime information in our area.

To patrol our area and report any suspicious activities.

To assist Police Reservists and the SAPS Crime Prevention Unit in various planned special duties including Road Blocks and “Stop and Search”operations in our area.

To bridge the gap between the community and the SAPS and improve communication and public relations.

To monitor crime statistics, crime “Hot Spots” and follow up Crime Activity and Crime Information in our areas.

To raise funds in order to equip the Community Police Patrollers with essential equipment such as bullet proof jackets, radios, torches etc. How to Donate

To have regular formal Community Police Management Committee meetings, documenting all matters relating to Community Police activities, crime information, statistics etc.

You can Help...

Report crime information:

Use our Crime Information Post Box, located outside the Pharmacy next to the Walkerville Friendly and report any information anonymously.

SMS any crime information to the Community Police number 079-415-4096. Please note that this number will only accept SMS’s.
Join the community Police Unit in your area.. SMS the Community Police number, mentioned above for more information.

Alternatively, Talk to your workers or employees and encourage them to report any illegal activities or crime information to you. Your information to us will remain anonymous and we will ensure that all information is followed up.

Help us to help you!

Donate to Community Police


Nationwide Emergency Response: 10111

Cell phone emergency: 112

De Deur SAPS: 016-5909209

Community Police SMS Hotline: 079 4154096

Ambulance Response - 10177

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