About Us
Our communities in Walkers Fruit Farms, Walkerville, De Deur , Tedderfield and Apple Orchards have joined forces with Police Reservists and the De Deur SAPS in order to eradicate crime in our areas. This joint effort, supported by our Station Commissioner is already showing success in our mission to stop criminals in their tracks.. 
We have had various successful joint operations with Community Police Units, Police Reservists and the Crime Prevention Unit of De Deur SAPS , with numerous arrests, convictions and successes.

Some Successes
Members of the De Deur Community Police responded to a report from the community of a suspicious vehicle that was driving around Walkers Fruit Farms. During the operation the vehicle was stopped, two illegal firearms were recovered by the members. 
A Reservist was called out to the scene and the firearms were handed in to the SAPS. After further investigation, one suspect was arrested. The firearms have since been linked to other cases.
Suspect caught red handed with stolen property at a house breaking scene by community police.
The suspect attempted to attack the patroller with an axe, but was apprehended and handcuffed.

Purpose of Community Police
Our purpose is to get the community involved and to assist the SAPS to eradicate crime in our areas.
Our aim
To assist our local police with intelligence gathering relating to crime information in our area. 

To patrol our area and report any suspicious activities. 

To assist Police Reservists and the SAPS Crime Prevention Unit in various planned special duties including Road Blocks and “Stop and Search”operations in our area. 

To bridge the gap between the community and the SAPS and improve communication and public relations. 

To monitor crime statistics, crime “Hot Spots” and follow up Crime Activity and Crime Information in our areas.
To raise funds in order to equip the Community Police Patrollers with essential equipment such as bullet proof jackets, radios, torches etc. 

To have regular formal Community Police Management Committee meetings, documenting all matters relating to Community Police activities, crime information, statistics etc.

Some of Our Successes during joint operations with the SAPS and Police Reservists     
Tracing and arrest of Walkerville Murder Suspect.
Arrest of Armed Robbery Suspect and recovery of firearm.
Arrest of suspect in posession of illegal 303 rifle. 

Recovery of Vehicle involved in hi-jacking and arrest of suspect. 

Recovery of stolen 9mm Pistol and Illegal Ammunition… Suspect was arrested. 

Recovery of stolen Shotgun linked to Housebreaking in Walkers Fruit Farms. 

Recovery of stolen property.. Suspects were arrested. 

Recovery of stolen cell phone, Suspect was arrested. 

Recovery of approx 300m of stolen Telkom Cable. 

Recovery of stolen Eskom Cable, Suspect was arrested. 

Arrests of various suspects for crimes such as Illegal Immigrants, Drunkness, Drinking in Public, Possession of and dealing in Dagga. 

Searching of suspects and vehicles and confiscation of dangerous weapons eg. Knives, daggers etc. 

Establishing and monitoring our Crime Information Post Box in Walkerville and forwarding crime information received to the SAPS. 

Responding to and assisting with various emergency complaints received. These complaints include suspicious vehicles, shooting incidents, vehicle hi-jacking, housebreaking in progress and possession of stolen property.
Gathering of and processing information received from informants and the community. 

Removal of Illegal Initiation Schools. 

Policing of community days such as Fun Runs, Tour de Walkerville, Country Fair’s and Tedderfield Air Show 

Closing of illegal shebeens and illegal taverns. 

Establishment and Management of the Victim Empowerment Centre at De Deur SAPS.

Slabbert Trophy awarded to De Deur Community Police.
Community Police And Enviromental Activities
Warning and arresting suspects involved in Hunting Wild Life with Dogs in our area. 

Warning and removing suspects involved in digging up protected plants for the purpose of “Muti”. These were all re planted after confiscation. 

Assisting the Local Council in removing illegal signs erected in our areas. 

Warning and removing suspects involved in illegal dumping of rubbish. 

Assisting the Thorntree Conservancy in area refuse clean-up’s. Children from our local orphanage, the ABC Kids and other community members assist and policing is provided to ensure public safety during these efforts.

Removing Illegal Initiation Schools.
Illegal dunping.
Suspect caught hunting with dogs.
The Community Police Members based at the De Deur SAPS have, with the generosity of Local Business and Individuals, renovated the existing Trauma Unit at De Deur SAPS. The Victim Empowerment Centre will be the first stop for anyone in the Greater De Deur Area, who is in need of Basic Trauma De-Briefing.

To make the trauma of crime less painful. 

To help the victim of crime feel relaxed, in more homely surrounds, whilst taking their statement. 

To assist our local Police in offering support following a trauma of any kind. 

To be a collection and distribution point for clothing and toys for the many needy Homes and Individuals in the Greater De Deur Area